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After your war has been officially started by a staff member, you are free to assault the enemies that you declared on. Do note that your enemies can also strike at you.

One big system we have worked hard on is the front line system, where the war will always have a front line instead of attacking random areas. What we mean by that is if your enemy is currently attacking your territory tower or occupying some of your territory, you cannot attack him until you push him back off of your territory. We do this in order to have grander wars instead of non stop sneak attacks like you see in factions.

How do you start a war?

In order to start a war, you will need to submit a Casus Belli Ticket on our Discord. When you submit this ticket, only Moderators and Up will see the ticket. No players will see that you have a Casus Belli until you declare your war. After you receive the Casus Belli, you will have up to two weeks to use this to declare the war.

You post a war declaration in the appropriate section on the discord, and an admin will verify you have a valid Casus Belli.

After war is declared, there is a 24 hour period before the war actually starts. This is the final chance for both the attacking and defending parties to place Territory Towers. However, at this point Alliances are locked in and cannot be left or joined until the war ends.

How Does the War System Work for Players?

How to attack

If you want to start an invasion of a territory tower, you need to make an Invasion Tower. These towers are your focal point when attacking the enemy's territory tower. In order to take control of the territory tower, you need to capture the Myst Collector from the defending territory tower and bring it back to your invasion tower multiple times. The amount of times needed are listed below. After you successfully take the tower, you can push to others. If you fail, you are given an invasion cooldown for an hour and cannot attack another tower during that time. Note that you cannot attack territory towers if the defending empire does not have any military online. Non combatants do not count to being online, however they cannot do anything for the war effort.

After you successfully push into the city borders, you can start taking the chunks. This is done by standing in the chunk and doing the command /c invade. This will start a timer with the times listed below. You must be in the chunk for that amount of time for it to successfully transfer to your control. Enemies standing within the chunk will pause the capture. If you die while capturing a chunk, you will have to wait an hour before you can continue. City chunks can be captured when the defending empire is offline, due to the amount that you have to take over.

Once 51% of the city is claimed by your empire, the city will transfer to your control.

Do note that explosions are disabled for territory towers not currently under siege and cities are protected from explosions as long as there is one territory tower allied to the city touching it.

The war is won when the enemy party surrenders or you take their capital city.


Territory Towers

  • Attacking Party: 3 Captures, 10 minutes each.
  • Defending Party: 1 Capture, 10 minutes each.

City Chunks

  • The default capture time is 4 minutes per chunk.
    • Capture_Time_Seconds = (240 * Surrounding_Chunks) / 5
      • Surrounding Chunks are any chunks that the enemy controls that are touching the chunk are you invading, including diagonal.
      • If there is a defender online who is apart of the city you are invading, the capture time seconds is divided by 4 again.

Capital Chunks

  • The default capture time is 4 minutes per chunk. This can go up based on how many cities the empire still has under their control, and the chunks surrounding the chunk you are trying to invade. The equation is:
    • Capture_Time_Seconds = (((480 * Total_Cities) * Surrounding_Chunks) / 5)
      • Surrounding Chunks are any chunks that the enemy controls that are touching the chunk are you invading, including diagonal.
      • If there is a defender online who is apart of the city you are invading, the capture time seconds is divided by 4 again.
  • If the city has no territory of its empire around it touching it at all, the city is available to bomb fully and the capture rate goes down to 60 seconds a chunk.

How Does the War System Work for Pops?

With the new pop system, we have added the ability to create, train, and deploy units to attack or defend territories and cities even when either or both parties are not online on the server.

How to create a standard Infantry Pop

To create an infantry pop, you will need to create a parcel with one bed and one target block. Once created, set the parcel to the profession of "infantry" by running the command /l setprofession infantry. Once that is done, assign or wait for a pop to fill the job and they will begin training.

Training will take time. At max happiness, a unit will be trained to 100% after 7 real days. Their training rate per pop tick is tied to their happiness.

Once a unit is at least 20% trained, they can be deployed. Once deployed, they will no longer receive training, but will still need regular upkeep just like every other pop. Once deployed, they will show up on dynmap as a standard infantry unit.

Pop Unit Commands:

  • /l deployunit - Used to deploy pop units at parcel in which they are located. They will deploy around the center chunk in a spiral. Each deployment costs resources, which are listed below.
    • Infantry: 64 Gunpowder
    • Tank: 200 Terracotta, 18 Iron Ingots, 64 Gunpowder, and 18 Coal.
    • Field Gun: 18 Iron Ingots, 64 Gunpowder
  • /l undeployunit - Undeploy a pop unit, the unit must be located at its parcel.
  • /e setunitcolor - Sets the color of pop units.
    • Available Colors: White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta.
      • Please note: If you attack or are aggressively moving your troops against an empire who is using the same color, you will be the one to change your color, UNLESS the other side willingly changes. The two sides must have different colored units to prevent headaches.
  • /e captureunit - Used as a player to capture a pop unit and send it back to their home parcel. This starts a 5 minute countdown timer once run, and when complete sends the unit back to their parcel.
  • /e selectunits <unitIDs> - Select a group of units. If you need to select more, run the command again with new units. IT DOES NOT CLEAR PREVIOUS UNITS SELECTED!
    • Example: /e su 1 2 3 104 59
  • /e clearunitselection - Clear your list of selected units.
  • /e listunitorders - list the orders given to a unit. Units follow the first order listed. Once completed, they will follow the next order.
  • /e orderunit <unitID | sel> <OrderType> <Arguments> - Give a pop unit an order to perform. Orders are Queued up and can be listed by using the command /e listunitorders
    • Move Example using previously selected units: /e ou sel MOVE Chunk_X Chunk_Z
      • /e ou sel move 102 43 <-- This would move your selected units to chunk 102 43.
      • /e ou 12 move 102 43 <-- This orders unit 12 to move to 102 43
    • Follow example using previously selected units: /e ou sel Follow UnitID OFFSET_X OFFSET_Z
      • /e ou sel follow 12 0 0 <-- This would have your selected units follow as close as they can to the unit.
      • /e ou sel follow 12 1 1 <-- This would have your selected units follow with an offset of 1 chunk x and 1 chunk z to the unit.
  • /e removeunitorder <unitID | sel> <orderID | all> - Remove an order from a pop unit.
    • Remove a specific order from a unit:
      • /e ruo 12 1
    • Remove all orders from a selection of units:
      • /e ruo sel all
  • /e getunitinfo <tank, infantry, field_gun> - Get information on a pop unit.

Military units and their uses

Military units have a few uses for your empire.

  • Block other's territory expansion.
    • You can position your units around an empire to block them placing territory down. If they try to claim a chunk with a territory tower and a unit is in the area that it would claim, the claim will be blocked. Do note that empires will not take kindly to this action against them.
  • Claim Bonus Towers (When applicable, some maps do not have them)
    • Having your units in the bonus territory will start the capture of them. Once captured, the bonus towers bonus will be given to your empire.
  • Attack hostile military units
    • If the units are within range of an enemy, during the pop tick they will "shoot" at them and do damage. See the chart below to see their damage and range.
    • If your relations with another empire are set to hostile, your units will engage each other without being in war.
  • Claim territory towers during war
    • Military units can capture territory towers over the course of 24 hours, even if all the defenders are offline.
  • Claim city chunks during war
    • Military units can capture city chunks over the course of 8 hours, even if all the defenders are offline. Do note that they will need to be able to capture the city chunks, so there must be city chunks that border the wilderness or your own territory.
Military Pops Range, damage , and speed
Military Pop Range

(in chunks)

Damage Speed Health
Infantry 2 infantry: 3.0

tank: 2.0

field_gun: 5.0

4 10.0
Field Gun 5 (indirect) infantry: 3.0

tank: 10.0

field_gun: 4.0

3 10.0
Tank 2 infantry: 4.0

tank: 5.0

field_gun: 4.0

8 20.0

Pop Units operate in the following turn order:

Shoot -> Move -> Capture