Mystian Network Wiki

Territory Towers are towers that give your empire more land under their control. They claim chunks extending 10 chunks out from the territory tower. (effectively creating a 21 x 21 square).

Inside your territory, people not apart of your empire can open doors and look into chests, but cannot break or place anything.

Inside territories, you can create outposts that act as an extension of your city.


To create a territory tower, you will need 5 blocks of iron, 1 lapis block, 6 iron bars, and 1 sign of any wood type. Along with this, you will need to be the empire leader or an empire official. To create the tower, , you will need to place blocks similar to this picture without the sign.

A standard Territory Tower

After the tower is built, place the sign on any of the four iron block's outwards facing face and as long as your empire has the population, a tower will be created and territory claimed.