Your first days

During your first days on the server, you will not be too trusted by the players who have been playing for some time. This is the period that you want to build yourself up to be more respected, with better gear, a nice house, etc.

Joining Dawnhaven

By far the best choice when you are starting off. Dawnhaven is the official starting empire of the server that is open and requires no invites to join. If you wish to join, simply do the command "/c join Republican_City". This empire has basic apartments and plots of land for sale, and has many ways to start making money and gaining reputation on the server!

Being a Nomad

Being a nomad is hard. People can rob you, you have no backup, and you have no one to turn to in your time of need. The only positives are that you are in control of you, and you can do what you want.


Joining an Empire

Starting a Settlement

Starting an Empire

Once you are powerful enough, you can create your own empire