Mystian Network Wiki

Ships are the baseline mode of mass transit and movement on the server. Ships do not need any coal to move and can move mass quantities of supplies moved at once.

Sailing a Ship

  1. Have the ship meet the size and block ratio requirements for its class.
  2. Activate it by writing the name of the ship's class on the top line of a sign then right clicking on the sign with an empty hand.
  3. Move it by holding a wooden stick in your hand and right clicking while facing the direction you want to move. Diagonals are allowed.
  4. If you wish to rotate your ship write “[helm]” on the top line of a sign then right click once to activate it. Further right clicks will make your ship turn right, left clicks will turn left.
  5. If you want to move quickly then you’ll need a cruise sign. Cruise signs only work on the SIDE of a block, NOT the TOP. The direction they face determines the direction they will make the ship move. Make one by writing “Cruise: OFF” on the top line. caps and spaces count.
  6. To stop piloting a ship, walk off of it or write “/release” in the chat window. releasing a ship will shut off cruise signs automatically.
  7. If you fall off by accident, you can type “/manoverboard” to get teleported back, but this only works for 30 seconds after you’ve left.

Repairing a Ship

Repair signs will work for ships above 1500 blocks in size. To use a repair sign, write "Repair:" on the first line and the name that you want to call the schematic to be saved on the second line. Leave all other lines blank. Using repair signs requires that you are piloting a ship. Right clicking the sign once will tell you how different your current ship is from the schematic, how many blocks are required, how many coins it will take, and how long it will take to repair. All blocks are taken from chests onboard the ship. Repair calculates coin cost as 100 coins per block fixed and 0.5 seconds per block. Ships will need to be repiloted after repairing and cannot move during repairs.

Typically repair signs are used with Factory to create smaller ships or StructureBox to replicate smaller buildings.

Ship Types and Sizes

Civilian Ships Blocks Minimum Blocks Maximum
Skiff 75 250
Yacht 251 1500
Merchant Ships Blocks Minimum Blocks Maximum
Skiff 75 250
sloop 251 750
Caravel 751 1500
Galleon 1501 2750
Freighter 2751 4000
SuperFreighter 4001 6000
Bulker 6001 10000
Military Ships Blocks Minimum Blocks Maximum
Corvette 75 250
Frigate 251 750
FlakFrigate 251 750
Destroyer 751 1500
Cruiser 1501 2750
Battlecruiser 2751 4000
Battleship 4001 5250
Dreadnaught 5251 6500
Titan 6501 20000
Submarine Ships Blocks Minimum Blocks Maximum
MiniSubmarine 250 750
TacticalSubmarine 751 2250
StrategicSub 2251 3500
Pirate Ships Blocks Minimum Blocks Maximum
Drifter 75 250
Cog 251 750
Flakcog 251 750
Junk 751 1500
Galley 1501 2750
Brig 2751 4000
Flagship 4001 5500
Manofwar 5501 8000
Lineship 8001 25000