Mystian Network Wiki

Prime membership is our server's premium rank that is five thousand (5,000) Jewels and lasts for two weeks at a time individually. You can purchase it through the Jewel Shop by running the command "/jewelshop"! Following the purchase of one or more Prime Bonds in the Jewel Shop, you may grant yourself the Prime Rank using the /redeem command while holding the bond in your hand.

There are a number of ways to acquire enough jewels for a Prime Bond, including blacksmithing and spellcasting, or purchasing Mystium which can be converted into Jewels at a rate of 1 Mystium to 10 Jewels (but not vice versa).

Prime Bonuses

  • Survival inventory WorldEdit! You can now use WorldEdit up to 2048 blocks at a time using your survival inventory.
    • //replace <to block>
      • Replaces all non-air blocks with the <to block>, assuming you possess a sufficient amount of that block within your inventory.
    • //replace <from block> <to block>
      • Replaces all blocks of type <from block> with the <to block>. Use "air" or 0 to replace with or using air.
  • Auto-Eat! With this, you never have to stop to eat again, so long as you have Prime.
  • /Stack - Stacks any Item up to 64, even if it usually cannot stack! Perfect for making more room in your armories and chests of tools.
  • Doubled (100% Bonus) XP in Blacksmith and Magic!
  • Doubled (100% Bonus) Jewels for blacksmithing and shard infusing
  • +25% Ore Generation for Shard Mines!
  • Doubled (100% Bonus) Speed for all Blacksmith Assisting!
  • /hat - Wear any block as a hat!
  • /propaganda <text> - Allows you to write custom messages, slogans, and the like on pieces of paper held in your hand!
  • And more, with additional incentives and bonuses coming in the future!