Mystian Network Wiki

Hello, and once again Welcome to our Minecraft Server, the Mystian Network!!

This guide is here to assist you in your journey in Mysto!

This guide is currently a Work In Progress. Keep checking back for updated and additional information!

Starting Out

Welcome to Mysto, the homeworld of this server. When you start, you are given some starter items, put into the city Starry, and given a blank slate to write your story with.

This server can be very overwhelming when you first join, as there are many options and routes you can take to forge your story. Below are some common avenues that we suggest taking to get yourself familiar with the server, it's rules, rp, and empire management.

Player Types

We have two player types: Warrior and Wizard. These are the combat roles you can take on this server. Warriors are the standard minecraft pvp experience, where they can wear armor, use bows, crossbows, swords, and axes, and can throw lit tnt. Warriors do not need to level up, however they are more tied to their empire's blacksmith level.

Wizards are mages who wield a wand and can select different spells to cast. They require getting shards and infusing them at the different elemental altars. Different spells will take a different amount of shards to cast. Wizards level up by casting spells.

Player Professions

<Coming soon to Mystian, not in the server yet.>

Joining a City

This is the route we suggest many new players take on this server, as starting your own empire can present you with a large learning curve.

Every city will have different laws, locations, and leadership styles. When you join a city, someone will usually walk you through how their city is run and give you a location to live in.

Starting an Empire

If you would like to forge your own empire and drive it to greatness, this is a great place to start. Getting started with running an empire may get overwhelming if this is your first time playing on this server, as there are many things to take into account. Keep in mind that you don't need to use every feature, or master every aspect at once, and that there will always be other individuals from empires ready to help!

The first step in creating your very own nation, or "Empire" as they are colloquially referred to, is establishing a settlement.

Creating your Empire

To do this, you will want to think of a good empire name, city name, colors, and a flag design. There are rules revolving around the names of your empire and city, please check the rules for up to date settling rules.

Flag Design

For your flag design, you will want to think of a 4 long 3 high wool flag design that will be used to represent your empire. For these flags, we only allow wool to be used. These flags will be put into the United Empires to represent your empire, and other players may make embassies in their cities and will use them too. Below are some examples of flag designs. Due to being limited in colors and designs, some flags may have a similar design but have different colors.



Color Choices

Every empire on this server has a primary and secondary color. This will show up on dynmap for all other players to see. Your primary color will fill in your territory, and your secondary color will be the border line color. We may do more with these color choices in the future but for now it is just for aesthetics. You can change your colors by using the /e setcolor RRGGBB RRGGBB . To find the RRGGBB codes, you can use this site. (You will see what to enter next to the # symbol).

Groups and Permissions

One of the most important things when creating your empire is setting up at least one player group and permissions (a.k.a "perms"), for that group. Without this, you will either have to set all of your members as Empire Officials (which is not recommended unless you know all of them well and have high trust in them!), otherwise they will not be able to do anything within your empire. This can be quickly fixed by running:

/g create <group name>

followed by

/g perms <group name>

  • (NOTE: If you do not type the name of the city in the command, it will automatically default to your city of residence.)

When you run /g perms <group name>, a GUI will appear to allow you to enable and/or disable specific permissions for a given group. Some permissions will have "[Moderation]" next to them, denoting that these permissions are intended for those part of your government. As such it is not advised that you grant these particular perms to everyday citizens. In addition, most perms will have two versions of themselves, the base version, and one which has "Parcel Override". The base version gives your citizens these permissions in your city except within parcels, while parcel override will give them permissions EVERYWHERE, including within parcels! Parcels and their permissions will be explained later on in this guide.

Finally, you must add all new empire members to the groups which you have created, otherwise they will not receive the perms given to these groups, you can do this with

/g set <username> <group name>

For more information, and an overview of all commands for groups and permissions, you can run /g help as an in-game command.


The Mystian Network is a roleplay (RP) server, and as a direct result many of our unique server mechanics reflect this. Perhaps the largest change from vanilla Minecraft is an inability to craft all weapons and armors as well as most tools through normal means at a crafting table. Instead, tools now take time to create as well as experience, This more realistic system of creating weapons, armors, tools, and the like is known as the "Blacksmith" or "Blacksmithing" mechanic.

Blacksmith works by using an anvil to forge tools and the like, the process of which takes a certain amount of time to make. Upon completion of your brand new item, experience is granted towards a blacksmithing level empire-wide. As you level up you will be able to forge better tools and equipment, going from wooden tools, to leather armor, stone tools, iron equipment, etc. Your blacksmith level is empire-wide, meaning that the more members you have making tools the faster you will gain experience. For more information on this mechanic and a small list of commands you can run, you may click here.


[To be added.]

Population (or "Pops")

Empires has a population system that grows linearly. These pops can do jobs that you assign them to you.

Economies: Market, Command, or Necroid?

Command Economy

Command Economies are when the city owns all of the stockpile of goods. Command Economies must provide for all Pops in the city. Command Economies require the State(city) to assign Pops jobs, else they remain unproductive and unemployed.

Market Economy

Market Economies are when Pops own their goods and will buy and sell with each other without the State directly managing them. In a Market Economy, Pops will buy bread from millers and buy goods to produce goods and to consume for happiness. In Market Economies, unemployed Pops will naturally migrate towards whatever Pop Guild has the most money per pop. Whilst Pops in a Market Economy manage themselves for the most part, the State can grant bailouts and subsidies to designated Pop Guilds. Market Economy merchants also will automatically trade with other economies. Market Economies suffer a negative happiness modifier unless connected to the sea for trade.

(Market Economies are only recommended for players more familiar with Empires due to its complexity)

Necroid Economy

Necroid Economies share many similarities with Command Economies. Pops in a Necroid Economy do not consume food to sustain themselves, however Pops will not naturally grow in a Necroid Economy. Necroid Economies cannot trade with other economies unless they are either another Necroid Economy or a Vassal State.

Necroid Economies gain a free Casus Belli against other empires to steal Pops.