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Mages make up a subclass of spellcaster which focuses on spellcasting ability. Whereas Paladins retain the ability to use armor and weapons, Mages leave such things for others in exchanged for greater magical powers. Mages can either draw their power from elemental energies, the dark gods, or a mixture of both. No matter where they draw their power from, mages have the following features:

  • Spellcasting ability: Mages have the ability to cast a wide variety of spells. As such mages can use magic for a wider range of tasks than Paladins.
  • Unable to wear armor: In general mages are unable to wear any type of armor. Current exceptions are turtle helmets and armor received from dark tasks (see bellow).
  • Unable to use weapons: Mages are unable to use any type of weapons except for cannons. Where a warrior might use an axe or sword, a mage would instead use an offensive spell
  • Neutral or Dark aligned: Mages can be unaligned, or be dark aligned. However a mage cannot be light aligned
  • No blacksmith ability: Mages are not able to blacksmith in any fashion

Elemental Mages

Elemental mages are mages who draw their energy from the elements through the elemental altars. They have the most versatility in their spells. They can give buffs to themselves or allies, use spells for utility (for example plantsong to make crops grow faster), or to attack (such as firepulse and fireblast). All mages start as an elemental mage

Neutral Alignment

As the only neutral aligned spellcasters, elemental mages are often seen as an intermediary between the magics of the light and dark

Shadow Mages

Shadow Mages are mages who have decided to follow the dark gods in exchange for more power. They have access to the most powerful offensive spells as well as having access to curses (spells which give others debuffs). Dark mages may have the ability to cast elemental spells in addition to dark spells, however this depends on how far they've traveled on their path of darkness

Dark Alignment

All dark mages are dark aligned, meaning that they have a Corruption level.