Mystian Network Wiki

Waging on our server is overall largely different from doing so on other servers out there.

It requires a valid casus belli, a declaration of war, and a 24 hour start period. These are all done via the Mystian Network's Discord Server. War is not started by empire leaders rather it is a manual start by server administrators.

We HIGHLY recommend preparing for war before starting one. War on this server may take weeks of preparations. Make sure you have gear, reserves of gear, many ships and airships, and military pops ready to go!

Starting a War

  1. Make sure the empire is a valid target by checking the Empire Type. You cannot declare war on an Official or Pirate type empire.
  2. You must get a valid Casus Belli on the discord server approved by staff.
    1. You must create a ticket on the server's Discord with your request for a "casus belli". In this ticket, you will either want to provide a legitimate reason for going to war, or you will have to be particularly creative and crafty in fabricating a more questionably "legitimate" cause to go to war. The staff involved in this process will then utilize a Random Number Generator (RNG), taking into account how much they believe the casus belli is authentic or inauthentic. Obviously if it is a real casus belli, then we will give it a 100% chance of being approved.
      1. If your CB (Casus Belli) is denied, you will need to wait one week before submitting another. Please take the time to come up with a good one.
  3. After your Casus Belli is approved, your next step is to draft and publish an official declaration of war on the Discord server with staff approval in the appropriate channel. This war will begin approximately twenty-four (24) hours following the declaration being submitted.
    1. While writing the declaration of war, it is best practice to put the reasons you listed in your CB as to why you are going to war. There are other empires out there who will be oblivious to what is going on, and this may sway general support to your cause.
    2. Do note that after approval, your Casus Belli is valid for 2 weeks.
  4. Best of luck in fighting your war!