Mystian Network Wiki

In empires, you may come across different "types" of empires. These are shown in the /e info <Empire> command. Below is a quick guide to what they mean.

Empire Types

  • Settlement
    • These are the starting empires on the map, and have limited abilities. They consist of one settlement size claim and cannot claim new territory or grow many pops.
  • City State
    • These are single city empires that are capable of growing territory and supporting more pops.
  • Empire
    • These are multi - city empires that can hold many more pops than City States.
  • Official (Staff made only)
    • These are staff run empires that cannot grow past their initial claims. These empires cannot be spied on, declared war on, or support anyone during war. These empires can only declare war against others if staff sees fit during an end of the map event.
  • Pirate (Staff made only)
    • Retired empire type, used to be reserved for pirate type empires who would roam the seas searching for ships to plunder. Pirates have been replaced by rogues.

      Here is an example of seeing an official type empire. This can be found by running the command /e info Soboria