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Corruption is the effect of dark-aligned individuals allegiance to the dark gods, and is the direct opposite of Purity. Corruption is most important for Shadow Mages and Oathbreaker Paladins, as it directly effects their spellcasting abilities. You can check your corruption level with /gal.

All corrupt individuals have the following features:

Gaining Corruption

There are multiple ways to gain corruption, they are listed below with the amount of corruption they provide:

  • Dark Meditating: 1 corruption per 30 seconds.
    • This is capped at 20 corruption.
  • Completing a dark task: 10 corruption
  • Having "corruption" cast on you: 2 corruption* (if the caster is more corrupt than you, otherwise no effect)

*Note: Paladins receive 10 corruption from the corruption spell.

Corruption Tiers:

There are different tiers for dark-aligned individuals depending on how corrupt they are. The tiers and their features are the following:

  • 100 Corruption: Dark mages no longer receive corruption from any source except dark tasks, all elemental spells have a chance to fail when cast (this chance caps at 50% at level 250
  • 250 Corruption: Dark mages no longer suffer from recoil when casting dark spells
  • 400 Corruption: You are now The Dark Lord

Dark Tasks

Corrupt individuals receive dark tasks periodically. Dark tasks are orders given to you by the dark gods themselves, or by their emissary in Mysto: The Dark Lord. Upon receiving a task you have a time equal to roughly 8 days to complete the task or else suffer the wrath of the dark gods.

Types of Dark Task:

  • Kill "So and so" task: You must go out and kill a specific player
  • Kill any player task: you must go kill a certain amount of people.
  • Kill self task: you must sacrifice yourself to the dark gods via the sacrifice spell
  • Pilgrimage task: you must take a pilgrimage to the dark altar
  • Sacrifice task: you must give the dark gods an amount of specified material as a sacrifice
  • Offering task: you must take a certain amount of a resource to the dark altar

Completing a dark task:

Upon completion of a dark task, a dark mage can expect the following rewards for their servitude:

  • Chance to receive a random, beneficial potion effect
  • 1% chance to receive a shadow robe, the only armor which is wearable by Mages
  • 10 corruption (Always)
  • Nothing

Failing a dark task:

Failing a dark task can happen from one of the following events occurring:

  • Failing to complete the task before time runs out
  • Dying while having your task assigned (except for the kill self task)
  • Being killed by another player while having the kill self task

Should a corrupt individual fail a dark task, they can expect the following punishments:

  • receive random, negative potion effect
  • 1% chance for all dark-aligned individuals to receive a kill task for you
  • Nothing