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Casus Belli (ca·sus bel·li) are justifications to go to war on our server. You must obtain a valid CB (Casus Belli) before you can declare war on anyone, as we have recently removed the non CB wars.

All CB's must be submitted by a ticket and will be given a point value based on believability. The points can be from 0 - 100, with 0 being completely unbelievable and 100 being perfectly believable. Once you are given your points, you can make your war goals by spending your points on the chart below. You may spend less than the points you have, but you cannot spend more than what you have.

Some CB's are auto granted at max points when an event is clearly against your empire from another, however, there are some events that give limited points for balance reasons.

  • Detected spy operations are limited to giving you 20 points max, no matter how many times their spies have been found.
All available actions you can take
Actions Costs in points
Take or destroy 1 Territory Tower 4
Take 100k coins / worth of items / ships 2
Take a City (Cannot take capital, must vassalize to take control) 50
Vassalize Empire Total cost of Empire's Territory Towers
Take a Vassal from them 100
Free 1 Vassal to become their own Empire 50
Free all Vassals 100
(Market Economy only) Change Economic type to Market 50*
(Democracies only) Change to Democracy 50*
(Necroid only) Steal Pops. Steal Up to 50% Or 20, whichever is more. 50*
Stop Empire Territory Growth for 2 weeks 10
Remove Empire from Alliance 10
This list is not exhaustive and custom requests will be priced accordingly N/A

*: CB's with this wargoal will automatically be approved as long as they are the only war goal.

Note: If taking towers and or cities, you MUST adhere to the border gore rules. You cannot select towers that would result in either the defending empire having border gore or your own empire having border gore. If your territory is not connected, you will need to spend the coins and expend the manpower to form a vassal state to the new territory.