Amplifiers (or Jewel Amplifiers) are upgrades you can have for your whole Empire. These upgrades range from additional resources from Territory towers to having many quality of life enhancements such as tree feller.

After jewels are deposited into the bank, they are non-refundable.


Tier 1, 500 Jewels:

  • Haste applied to your pickaxes while mining.

Tier 2, 1,000 Jewels:

  • (Not Implemented Yet) Coal powered Jetpack abilities for your empire! (Under Debate)

Tier 3, 2,000 Jewels

Tier 4, 4,000 Jewels

Tier 5, 8,000 Jewels:

  • Tree Feller.

Tier 6, 16,000 Jewels:

Tier 7, 32,000 Jewels:

  • Spawn at any city in your empire using "/e ss".

Tier 8, 64,000 Jewels:

Tier 9, 128,000 Jewels:

Tier 10, 256,000 Jewels:

Tier 11, 512,000 Jewels:

  • (Not Implemented Yet) Mines and Foundries are free to repair for members of your empire. (Under debate)

Tier 12, 1,024,000 Jewels:

  • Prime for your whole Empire.