Airships are the fastest mode of transportation on the server. In order to fly an airship, you must be a prime member. Airships can move in all directions, even in diagonals. Airships differ from watercraft in that they need coal to fly, and upon crashing into something they will take massive damage.

Flying an Airship

  1. Be a prime member.
  2. Have the ship meet the size and block ratio requirements for its class.
  3. Fill the furnaces on the airship with coal.
  4. Activate it by writing the name of the airship’s class on the top line of a sign then right clicking on the sign with an empty hand.
  5. Move it by holding a wooden stick in your hand and right clicking while facing the direction you want to move. Diagonals are allowed.
  6. If you wish to rotate your ship write “[helm]” on the top line of a sign then right click once to activate it. Further right clicks will make your ship turn right, left clicks will turn left.
  7. If you want to move quickly and fuel efficiently then you’ll need a cruise sign. Cruise signs only work on the SIDE of a block, NOT the TOP. The direction they face determines the direction they will make the ship move. Make one by writing “Cruise: OFF” on the top line. caps and spaces count.
  8. To stop piloting a ship, walk off of it or write “/release” in the chat window. releasing a ship will shut off cruise signs automatically.
  9. If you fall off by accident, you can type “/manoverboard” to get teleported back, but this only works for 30 seconds after you’ve left.

Ship Types and Sizes

Civilian Airships Blocks Minimum Blocks Maximum
Blimp 75 250
Zeppelin 251 750
Merchant Airships Blocks Minimum Blocks Maximum
Blimp 75 250
Zeppelin 251 750
Military Airships Blocks Minimum Blocks Maximum
Biplane 75 250
Interceptor 251 750
Fighter 751 1500
Attacker 1501 2750
Bomber 2751 4000
Flying Fortress 4001 6000
Pirate Airships Blocks Minimum Blocks Maximum
Hummingbird 75 250
Vulture 251 750
Albatross 751 1500
Osprey 1501 2750
Harrier 2751 4000
Peregrine 4001 5500
Phoenix 5501 8000


  • Do NOT use double chests under any circumstance, they will crash your game. Use single chests only, trapped chests are fine as well, so long as they’re single and not double.
  • Don’t make changes to a ship while it’s being piloted.
  • Have nothing in your hand when you’re clicking the signs, whether left or right.
  • Wooden stick! You need a wooden stick or you can’t use your ship.
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